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Search Engine Marketing & Web Analytic – Marketers must continue to deliver marketing programs that are quantifiable and illustrate how the business objectives are supported by these programs. It’s not sufficient to only show the return on investment but in addition to conveying what key findings and marketing programs work to establish benchmarks or internal best practices. In search engine marketing (SEM), there are a number of methods and approaches to help businesses deliver the value of SEM.

Search Engine Marketing refers to both organic and paid search marketing. Paid Search Marketing (Pay per Click) refers to search engine results which are determined by the number a business pays to appear in sponsorship banner ads or placement on top of search engine pages such as Google, MSN, or Yahoo. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of correcting web content, indexing, design structure, descriptive tags, and page names for better search engine results. Search Engine Optimisation (organic) is a non-paying tactic used to attract more visitors to your website. In addition, web analytic is the measurement, collection, analysis and coverage of Internet data for the aims of understanding and optimising Web usage.

How can SEM & Web-Analytics help your business?

Through SEM & Web Analytics, businesses enhance web traffic can control cost, target demographics, testing ads, and unite the results to establish best practices or metrics. For example, a local business could use pay per click advertising to target a 15-mile radius, manage the daily expense, and increase visitors to your site by over 30%.

There are several advantages to using SEM with Web Analytics. Most SEM services provide the opportunity to implement the capacity and Multivariate testing or A/B to ascertain which ads lead to a purchase. The web analytic application can test the responses to enhance engagement or purchase of landing pages used in SEM efforts.

Why Testing & Measuring Matters?

The capability to test and measure SEM programs can save you money, time, enhance efficiency, and productivity. Once there are established results from a campaign, it ought to be less difficult to implement alterations and improvements to enhance similar campaigns. There’s also the opportunity to develop best practice for future efforts. The result of the attempts of your organisation will provide a basis for sellers, associates, or affiliates and benchmarks for other campaigns. The bottom line is saving and a bigger bang for marketing campaigns.

Where to go from here?

It’s important that their internal resources are evaluated by your business especially Web Development, IT, and Marketing teams. Remember this is an investment and it Won’t produce immediate results. The implementation of SEM and Web Analytic will require communication among all business units. The business must “buy in” or use a SEM seller but be certain to consider external and internal factors for success.

Web Analytic
Web Analytic

The following step would be to discover which SEM services provider to use based on target audience, visibility, and testing options. Our idea would be to test the efficiency of the campaign with two distinct service providers and eliminate one of the options based on the success of the campaign.

Ultimately, we would recommend the business create a process to execute and communicate SEM & Web Analytic services. The communication of SEM and Web Analytics services will likely be significant for all the essential stakeholders to understand these services and their role in supporting the business objectives. The implementation process will help to “flush out” any potential challenges and decrease the cost.

Many organisations have trouble effectively implementing changes within their company and communicating across business units. Be clear in communicating how SEM & Web Analytic can help the business. Remember that testing and measuring search engine marketing will reduce cost, increase marketing efficiency, and improve productivity among business units. The challenge of embarking on the journey to execute SEM & Web Analytic will undoubtedly be filled with obstacles so be specific in your objectives and reveal the value of your applications.

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