Everything You Wanted to Know About Web Analytics services


Online business is quite dynamic in nature. You need to be as dynamic as your online business is, to be competitive. Means, you must be able to assess the performance of your business and your site with just one or few simple clicks of your mouse. As you might be having other pressing and important engagements, yet, it may not be possible for you to do all this of your own. For this reason, you might have to hire the services of a professional web analytics services to do all the assignments that are required for you.

There are few significant jobs that a web analytics services has to do frequently for your online business. The person will likely have to first identify the prime needs of your targeted customers and set the clear aims for your website. He will have to increase the conversion speed of your visitors. He will have to streamline the internal navigation of your web pages and devise ways to improve repeat sales. The advisor must also keep a log file in which he should record details of users’ login sessions like their bounce rates, repeat visits, the number of first time unique visitors, how long the user remained on your web pages and when he browsed away from your present page etc.

Web Analytics services
Web Analytics services

A good deal more is required in the successful utilisation of web analytics services. It requires analysis and the maintenance of server log files. A large number of free tools are available which will convert these server log files into reports that are organised and readable. You may also get immediate reports on return on investment (ROI) and pay per click campaigns (PPCs).

However, every one of the above web analytics services tools has its own constraints. These tools provide you important information regarding your user behaviour but you can do little to boost their conversion rates. For this, you will need to take help of more sophisticated page tagging tools like MatrixStats PHP Web Statistik and Urchin which will help you to identify unique visitors, their IP addresses and geographical places. A great web analytics services practice is to collect contact information from the visitors to your site. At times it occurs that readers visit your web pages several times before placing an order for a buy. A web analytics adviser should write or call such visitors and inquire from them what made them set the order this time and what made them not to place an order with you when they visited your site for the first time? Devise strategies to outwit them and one web analytics services that is more significant practice is to track the performance of your competitors.

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